Utilities and Services in Malegaon

Utilities and services in Malegaon

The Municipal Corporation of Malegaon is basically a ā€œDā€ class municipal corporation that was established on 17th December 2001. The corporation was made up under the stipulation of Bombay Provincial Corporations Act of the year 1949 and is even governed by the stipulation of 74th Amendment Act of the year 1992. The city of Malegaon has grown very rapidly since the last decade and the population of the city has also grown immensely.

Utilities and services available in Malegaon have recently gone through major changes and development. However, it has to be noted that even at present, the finances and the administration of Malegaon are very small and they are not able to match up with the standard of utilities and services required in the city. City Development Plan and Urban Sanitation Programme have been constituted in the city to meet up with the requirements of the people living in Malegaon town of Maharashtra.

Marriage Certificates and Marriage Bureaus in Malegaon

Malegaon is a very small city or rather a Taluka and this is the reason why there are no marriage bureaus found in the city. The marriage bureaus or the offices where people can get their marriage certificates are mostly located in Nashik. One popular marriage bureau located in Nashik that also serves Malegaon is:

Shaadi Centre
Third Floor, 307,
United Arcade,
Opp. Byk College, College Road,
Phone: + (91)-9923339385

Driving license and Driving Classes in Malegaon

Driving licenses in Malegaon are available from the administrative body located at Nashik. Though there are even some private offices that aid people in getting their driving licenses. Malegaon is not abundant in its possession of driving classes for people and the most famous ones are located in Nashik. One of them has been named below:

Viraj Auto Consultant
Dongre Farm,
Doelali Camp,
Lahavit Road,
Nashik Road Camp,
Phone: + (91)-9552402170, 8657001868

Telecom and Broadband Service Providers in Malegaon

The largest service provider for telephones in Malegaon is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL that is owned by the Central Government of India. GSM Cell phone network is widely found in the city and Airtel, Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular, Airtel and Vodafone are the main internet service providers in Malegaon. All the telephone and broadband service providers aiding the telecommunication requirements of Malegaon are located in Nashik and one among them has been listed below:

MTS Telecom High Speed Internet Connection
Opposite Big Bazar,
Above Mc Dowells,
College Road,
Phone: + (91)-9145078575

Electricity in Malegaon

Mahavitaran or Maharashtra State Electricity Distributions Company Limited (MSEDCL) is in-charge of distributing electiricity to the city of Malegaon. The MSEDCL possesses seven feeders that provide electricity to the residential consumers and power loom sin Malegaon and it is only because of this reason that the entire area has been relieved from the problem of frequent load shedding. The address of Maharashtra State Electricity Distributions Company Limited has been given below:

Office of the Executive Engineer
"Moti Bhavan", Indiat Mala,
Malegaon Camp (Nashik)
Phone: 254885 (O)

Water Supply in Malegaon

Drinking water in Malegaon is supplied through the Chankapur Dam constructed on the Mosam River at a place called Vani in the Kalwan Taluka. However, it is important to note that the dam does not possesses the capacity of meeting the water requirements of the entire city of Malegaon and this is the reason why a second water scheme from the Girna Dam ins under construction.

Post Offices in Malegaon

Communication services in Malegaon are quite up to the mark with a good number of post offices, telephone exchanges, telegraph offices and public call offices. The address of the main post office located in Malegaon has been provided below:
Malegaon City Post Office
Shani Chowk,
Mahesh Nagar,
Landmark: Near Anand Vastralaya
Phone: (02554) 232897

Banks in Malegaon

There is not a single place or area in India that would be devoid of banks irrespective of the fact that whether that particular area is developed or not. The same goes even for Malegaon, which possesses a number of important banks with their branches located in several parts of the city.

Real Estate in Malegaon

The real estate market of the city is also growing on a very large scale with more and more people moving into the city from different parts of India. A very popular real estate company that operates in Malegaon has been elaborated below:

Dhule Property, Dhule Real Estate
Last Lane, In front of Hindustan Building,
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Rd,
Phone: 092 70 215676

Courier Service in Malegaon

As it has already been said that communication services in Malegaon are quite good and the same thing goes even for the courier services available in the city. The courier services that are found in Malegaon are quality-based and they believe in carrying out their work at the correct time so that they can be of good use for the people. One eminent courier service available in Malegaon has been detailed below:

Shree Tirupati Courier Service P Ltd
Tirupati Complex, Opp. Lodha Market,
Satana Road, Malegaon,
Phone: 099 75 201617

Packer and Movers in Malegaon

There are not many packers and movers found in Malegaon because of the low growth prospects of the city but there are a good number of them found in Nashik. People of Malegaon have to largely depend on the packing and moving services of Nashik in order to move to some other place from Malegaon. One such packer and mover found in Nashik has been detailed below:

Khaleria Packers and Movers
Khaleria Building,
Chincholi Phata,
Nasik Pune Road,
Nashik Ho,
Phone: + (91)-8888882958

Passport Offices and Agents in Malegaon

Passport agents and passport offices are also not widely found in Malegaon. People have to travel to Nashik in order to get hold of their passports or carry out any work related to their passports. Passports always serve to be important for the citizens of a country because they are important documents that are required by an individual who intends to stay in some different country. There are Passport Seva Kendras available in Nashik which help people with their passport related issues without facing any major complications. There are even private offices that help people in getting their passports and one of them has been listed below:

Neha Travel Services
Shop No B L 19,
Thakkar Bazar,
New Central Bus Stand,
Trimbak Road,
Phone: + (91)-9822011440

Gas Connection in Malegaon

Gas connection nowadays has become very easy for the people of Malegaon in comparison to the conditions of gas connection that prevailed in the past. There are a number of gas connection service providers available in Malegaon of which one has been detailed below:

Kamaldeep Gas Distributors,
Ekmata Chowk, Camp Road,
Malegaon, Maharashtra
Phone: 0253 - 254040, 0253 - 254030

Home Delivery Services in Malegaon

There are a good number of restaurants, laundries, cafes and gift shops found in Malegaon that provide home delivery services to the people in the city. Such facilities for the people of Malegaon have erupted recently and the people are found enjoying such facilities. Most of the restaurants found in Malegaon provide home delivery services and one such restaurant has been detailed below:

Vasantpushpa Restaurants
Gat No 386/2, Chandanpuri Shiwar,
Manmad Road, Malegaon HO
Malegaon, Maharashtra
Phone: 9922287778

Laundry in Malegaon

There are not many laundries and dry cleaning services available in Malegaon and this makes it difficult for the people to do away with the task of drying, cleaning, maintaining and washing the clothes that they wear. Most of the laundries are found in Nashik making it difficult for the people to avail such services. One popular laundry that even serves the people of Malegaon has been named below:

Jai Hind Loundary
C\O Ramniranjan Kanojiya,
Shop No 4, Gangapur Road, Landscape Apartment,
Dsouza Colony, Gangapur Road, Shreerang Nagar,
Nashik, Maharashtra

Mobile Service Centers in Malegaon

Mobile or cell phone has become a very important gazette for the people nowadays and this is the reason why there is no dearth of mobile service centers in even the most underdeveloped cities and villages of India. there are a good number of mobile service centers located in Malegaon that provide high level of customer services to their customers and one such mobile service center located in Malegaon has been detailed below:
M/S Sai Vijay Mobile Shoppe
Silver Plaza,
S. No. 1498/2b/1a,
Shop No. 12, Shivaji Putala, Islampura,
Dr. Hedgewar Marg,
Phone: 9970752194 / 9175564393

Petrol Pumps in Malegaon

There are a total of 14 petrol pumps in the city of Malegaon and therefore it can be clearly stated that the people of Malegaon do not suffer from the problem of delayed supply of fuel. One important petrol pump that serves Malegaon has been detailed below:
Joti Nanavati Petrol Pump
Maharashtra State Highway 16, Golden Nagar,
Malegaon, Maharashtra

Marriage, Wedding and Banquet Halls in Malegaon

Marriage, wedding and banquet halls are not located in Malegaon. Instead most of them are located in Nashik and the people of Malegaon have to depend on these wedding and banquet halls for their party requirements. There are some very good banquet halls located very close to Malegaon in Nashik and they are of good quality in serving the meetings, conferences weddings and birthday parties of their clients. One famous banquet hall or wedding hall located in Nashik that also serves Malegaon has been provided below:

Vrindavan Lawns and AC Banquet Hall
Vrindavan Lawns, Near Anandwali,
Gangapur Road, Nashik
Phone: + (91)-9823615001

24x7 Event Management
Office No S 21,
Sky Open Mall,
Next to Byk Collage.,
College Road,
Phone: + (91)-9049744806

Legal Services in Malegaon

Legal service providers in Malegaon have the skill and the capacity of carrying out and dealing with legal procedures and helping the people of Malegaon lawfully. The very best legal service provider in Malegaon has been named below:

Adv P.R.Tapde Office

Address: Panch Kandil Gulshanabad
Malegaon, Maharashtra

Photography Classes and Studios in Malegaon

There are a good number of studios in Malegaon but there are very few photography classes available for those interested in photography. Photography classes are available in Nashik and those who intend to start with a career in photography can always move ahead and avail the services of the photography classes in Nashik. Studios in Malegaon are very efficient in carrying out the work of managing and developing pictures and images. A popular photography studio located in Malegaon has been detailed below:

Desai Photo Studio
121/9, Kakani Shopping Centre,
Mahesh Nagar, Malegaon
Landmark: Near Shivaji Statue
Phone: (02554) 235699
Mobile: 9890011699

Libraries in Malegaon

Malegaon possesses two famous libraries. One is the sixty-year old Urdu Library that has a collection of some of the most popular writers in Urdu literature, fiction, humor, civilizations, history, poems, health, medicine and education. The Urdu Library in Malegaon is a very old library and at the same time it is also considered to be the most equipped and the most modern library till date. The other library located in Malegaon has been listed below:

Kakani Library
: Kapad Bazar Rd,
Gulshanabad, Malegaon,

Currency Exchange in Malegaon

Foreign exchange offices and banks are not limited in the city of Malegaon and this is the reason why currency exchange facility is readily available to the people of Malegaon and even to those who come to Malegaon from different places in the world. The most important currency exchange option that lies available in Malegaon has been detailed below:

Kapnox Forex - Currency Exchange and Money Changer
8-3-833/58 Phase 1, Kamala Puri Colony
Malegaon, Maharashtra
Phone 9949966088

Media in Malegaon

Media is not a developed sector in Malegaon though it has been found that there is a good influence of media in Nashik that lies very close to Malegaon. The media has an important role to play during the Malegaon Bomb Blasts but in general media influence is not very widespread in the city. However, media plays a very important role whenever the city conducts or organizes some special events.

Catering in Malegaon

Malegaon also possesses a good number of options in catering services that sounds to be of good use for the people of Malegaon. The catering services available in Malegaon are generally required for social purposes and merely do they serve any conferences or business meetings. A quality based catering service provider in Malegaon has been detailed below:
Raj Catering Plate
Near Deepak Talkiz, Camp Road,
Malegaon Ho,
Phone: + (91)-9423546101
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