Social Welfare Services in Malegaon

Social Welfare Services in Malegaon

Malegaon is a city that is very often presented in the form of a poster child of marginalization and deprivation. Malegaon is a medium-sized town and the economy of this city is mainly driven by the power loom industry. The social structure of Malegaon has gone through a lot of change after the serial bomb blasts that took place in the city in 2001 and 2006. The media has presented this city as a troubled town and a centre of communal riots. The social condition of Malegaon at present has improved a bit but there are minorities and women in Malegaon who are still aspiring and claiming for their constitutional rights of citizenship and education.

NGOs in Malegaon

There are a number of good NGOs that are operating with great fervor and sincerity in Malegaon. The NGOs that are found in the city have taken up the challenge of motivating and encouraging people towards the goal of establishing a peaceful country. The main aim of the NGOs in Malegaon is upliftment of the society and ensuring proper health conditions to the poor in Malegaon.

There are different types of NGOs found in Malegaon, privately owned and government controlled. All the NGOs have been found doing a good job in safeguarding and improving the living standards of the people of Malegaon and especially for those who do not possess others who can help them and support them. A popular NGO in Malegaon has been detailed below:

Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Samajik Sevabhavi ORG
Shop No.5, Building No.3,
Shubham Park, Uttam Nagar,
New Nasik, Maharashtra
Phone: + (91) 9420361149

Orphanages in Malegaon

There are not many orphanages operating in Malegaon but the ones that are present in Nashik are found serving here too. The orphanages work in the form of a shelter to orphan children and take care of their clothing, food, marriage and education. The orphanages also arrange celebrations of birthdays, special days and even take the kids out for a picnic.

The main aim of these orphanages is to make the kids feel loved, wanted, homely and cherished. They serve as homes within homes for those people and children who are a victim of rejection from the society. One orphanage that is found doing a good job in Nashik and is also serving the city of Malegaon has been detailed below:

T Jadhavji Kamalsi Trust
Parmananda Bhavan,
Seeta Gunpha Road, Panchavati
Gotane Wada, Nashik,
Phone: 0253 251 3548

Old Age Homes in Malegaon

Old age homes operating in Nashik are serving the requirements in Malegaon as well. Old age homes are there to strengthen and provide great support to the confidence and the brave attitude of the aged and the old people in Malegaon. The old age homes in Nashik that also serve Malegaon are sincerely into helping out the poor, needy and helpless old people in Malegaon and these homes try their level best to make such people feel at home and feel comfortable too.

One such old age home located in Nashik that also serves Malegaon has been listed below:
Prayas Bahuddeshiy Sanstha
Kalika Park, D-1, Trimurti Chowk,
At - Untwadi, Dist - Nashik, Maharashtra
Phone: + (91) 7276212359

Blind Welfare Services in Malegaon

Again, Blind Welfare Organizations are not found in Malegaon but the ones that are present in Nashik work here as well. These organizations are not only for the blind but also for those who are disabled in all forms and for those who are completely unable to carry out any sort of activity. The Blind Welfare Organizations give proper jobs and activities to such people so that they can earn some living and can be of good help. There are very few of them found in Nashik and the most popular among them has been listed below: 

National Association for Blind
Nashik Dist Unit, Saharanpur Road,
Liberty Point Racca Colony,
Tilak Wadi, Jejurkar Wadi,
Nashik, Maharashtra
Phone: 0253 258 0140

Women Welfare in Malegaon

Women welfare organizations are available in Malegaon and they work for the upliftment of women in all spheres of life and society. Malegaon is one city in India where women and children are found fighting and claiming their constitutional rights of living and education. These organizations in Malegaon work towards helping such women and children to get their rights and lead their lives in a better way. Women welfare organizations in Malegaon help women who have been left by their husbands, widows and even unmarried women who have been left by their families. One popular women welfare organization located in Malegaon has been named below:

Seven Star Educational and Welfare Society
Gat No-208, Plot No-03, Dyana
Tal - Malegaon, Malegaon Ho,
Malegaon, Maharashtra
Phone: + (91) 2554-280600
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