Shopping in Malegaon

Malegaon is very famous for silverware craftsmanship which is a direct result of the influence that has been driven from Nashik. There are a lot of shopping centers found in the city where people can get almost everything that might be essential for daily needs or for special occasions or events. Upscale shops in large numbers have mushroomed across the entire city due to large scale development in the last couple of years.

Markets in Malegaon

There are a number of markets in Malegaon that are famous for serving and dealing with some of the most antique gift items and other items that are in place with the culture and the tradition of the place. Juna Lokhand Bazar is one such market found in Malegaon where there are a large number of shops selling things made out of “lokhand” or iron. This market is very famous among the businessmen and the traders in Malegaon because people can get all the items that are essential for their business and trades.

Another very important market located in Malegaon is the Tirupati Market that serves as a place for buying ornaments and silverware. Ornaments of all kinds and different types of unique silverware can easily be found at Tirupati market. Soygaon Market is yet another important market that lies very close to the city and is always found crowded with people especially college going young boys and girls. The Soygaon Market is a modern market which consists of a number of shops selling different types of gifts, home décor items and clothes of all kinds, both traditional and modern. It is also considered to be a very hot shopping spot for locals because of the availability all brands of clothes and shoes at this market starting from Lee Cooper, Adidas, RBK, Van Heusen, Pepe Jeans, Provogue to Biba and Spyker.

Another famous market in Malegaon is the Bunkar Bazaar that deals in all sorts of useless and left over things collected by people, which are then recycled to be made into some useful pieces of home décor. Interior designing experts with eco-friendly approach are fond of these recycled interior décor products sold by this bazaar.

Shopping in Malegaon

Shopping Malls in Malegaon

The markets of Malegaon are traditional, which also consists of some popular malls that have changed the look and the identity of the city completely. Some of the most famous malls found in Malegaon are Morya Shopping Mall, N Mart, Shivneri Commercial Complex, Gayatri Arcade, Shirode Provision and Kalantari House. All these malls that are found in the city of Malegaon deal in men’s wear, women’s wear, ethnic wear, sarees, kids wear and ladies wear from all the popular brands. These malls also specialize in selling footwear of all kinds and of all brands.
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