Healthcare Facilities in Malegaon

Healthcare in Malegaon
The spacious Government hospital with 200 beds has many advanced facilities to offer treatments

The city that possesses healthy residents experiences a wealthy and a better growth ratio. The city of Malegaon would suit the description above, as it possesses extremely good and efficient health infrastructure to cater to the needs of its people. The city of Malegaon has a number of big and small hospitals, nursing homes and dispensaries that provide necessary and immediate health facilities that can be availed by the people. However, it is also important to note that the slum population of Malegaon is quite high and this puts a lot of pressure on Malegaon’s health infrastructure.

Hospitals in Malegaon

There is one rural hospital that is operated by the government at Satana Road and there are two hospitals and a total of four clinics that are operated by the Municipal Corporation of Malegaon. The Government hospital was inaugurated in the year 2009 and has 200 beds to cater to the ailing patients. There are a large number of hospitals in the city but the count of Government hospitals is very less in Malegaon and this is the reason why people in the slum areas are devoid of proper health facilities.

The city of Malegaon also possesses two blood banks that are authorized by Dr. G.M Bhavsar Charitable Trust Blood Bank and Ansar Blood Bank. The hospitals found in Malegaon are competent enough in providing the best and the most standard level of health facilities to the people of Malegaon. The hospitals in Malegaon specialize in the treatment of accidents, child delivery, burns, fracture cases and heart surgeries.

Nursing Homes in Malegaon

The city of Malegaon also possesses well-developed and well-equipped nursing homes that leverage health facilities to its people. The nursing homes in Malegaon are very active and they are available for the help of the people in times of emergencies. The treatments provided by the nursing homes are also of national standards and are available within a very short span of time.

Yoga and Yoga Classes or Centres in Malegaon

There is no person on this Earth who can deny the fact that there are a huge number of advantages served by Yoga and it is only because of this reason that more and more people are taking keen interest in Yoga practices. Yoga training centers and classes are not available in Malegaon but such services are available in Nashik. The people of Malegaon can easily choose yoga training classes available in Nashik for the best benefit of their health.

Dieticians in Malegaon

Dieticians play a very important role in helping people stay healthy and fit. Dieticians are nominally found in Malegaon but there are dieticians in Nashik whose services can be availed as and when required by the people of Malegaon.

Occupational Therapies in Malegaon

The people of Malegaon are rarely aware of the existence of occupational therapists and this is the reason why there are no occupational therapy centers or occupational therapists found in the city. Occupational therapy is not very widespread in Malegaon and even in the areas that lie very close to this 10th century city. However, it is being estimated that with the development of the city, services of occupational therapists might also would be recognized very soon.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Malegaon

Some of the most experienced, professional and skillful psychologists and psychiatrists are based in Nashik but none of them are found in Malegaon. This is because of the underdeveloped condition of the city in spite of the presence of a large number of power loom companies.

Medical Tourism in Malegaon

People, all over India have understood the importance of good health in life and it is only because of this reason that people are much interested to take up a medical tourism to Nashik near Malegaon. Medical Tourism allows an individual to travel from his or her native country to some other country or within one’s own country, from one state to another for some kind of a precise health treatment.

It is not Malegaon but Nashik that lies very close to Malegaon that is emerging in the form of a great destination for Medical Tourism in India. With the progress of Nashik as a center for medical tourism, the perfect way for the development of Malegaon in this field has also been paved. The Government of Maharashtra is trying and making all efforts towards improving the standard of health conditions in Malegaon and this objective of the Government is sure to be fulfilled within a very short span of time.

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