Emergency Services in Malegaon

Emergency services in Malegaon
Trauma and Cardiac care ambulance that plies in Malegaon offers immediate medical assistance

Emergency services in Malegaon are of high quality and the people of Malegaon feel themselves secure and safe in the city. Emergency services in Malegaon include police stations, fire stations, disaster management, hospitals, blood banks, eye banks, chemists and ambulances and all these services are very well-developed. The people of Malegaon do not suffer from the inability of availing such services during any kind of an emergency at some odd hours of the day.

Police Stations in Malegaon

The city of Malegaon has forever been wrongly interpreted as “sensitive town” by local media and even by the intelligence department. However, it is worth notice that the city of Malegaon has a population of not less than eight lakh people and there are only six police stations in the city. These six police stations in Malegaon operate with a total of 1500 policemen. The cases that are registered with the police stations in Malegaon include theft, cheating, murder and house breaking. The theft column reports the maximum number of cases in the Indian Penal Code.

The policemen in Malegaon are under the supervision of two Assistant Superintendent of Police or ASP, a Superintendent of Police and an additional Deputy Superintendent of Police. At present, the Superintendent of Police in Nashik is Mr. Milind Bharambe and it has to be noted that Malegaon falls under the jurisdiction of Nashik. The address of Malegaon City Police Station:

Malegaon City Police Station
Address: Old Bus Stand,
Dist – Nashik
Phone: +91 9423370400

Emergency Numbers of the Police Stations in Malegaon

  • Malegaon Control Room Number - (02554) 222003
  • Azad Nagar Police Station - (02554) 222006
  • Killa Police Station - 02554-222005
  • Aayesha Nagar Police Station - (02554) 222009
  • City Police Station - 02554-222001
  • Chavani Police Station - 02554-258906

Fire Stations in Malegaon

Fire services in the city of Malegaon are available for the people twenty-four by seven and all the fire stations located in the city have the ability of meeting any emergency conditions faced by the city at any point of time. The fire stations possess various modern equipments and tools for extinguishing fire and it is also worth mentioning that this sector of the government also provides jobs to the people of Malegaon. The address of the main fire station located in Malegaon has been provided below.

Fire Station
Address: Opp Bus Stand,
Agra Road,
Malegaon Ho,
Phone: + (91) -2554-234567

Blood Banks in Malegaon

There are many blood banks are located in Malegaon and the people enjoy huge advantages from these blood banks. The blood banks carry out all the necessary procedures required to be done before getting the samples of blood from any individual. These blood banks have well established connections with various hospitals or nursing homes in the city which helps it to save many lives. The staff and the personnel at these blood banks are trained people and they have the expertise in dealing with all emergency conditions. The contact detail of one of the most important blood banks in Malegaon has been provided below:

Malegaon Blood Bank

Address: Maharashtra State Highway 33,
Phone: 093 71 550550

Eye banks in Malegaon

There are no eye banks in Malegaon and the ones that are found available in the service are located in Nashik. The eye banks provide unique and in time services by carrying out all sorts of tests and evaluations before acquiring the eyes of an individual. The storage systems of these banks are of the best quality and the patients as well as the donors feel at home in dealing with these banks. A well-known eye bank in Malegaon has been detailed below:

Ramesh National Association for the Blind
Address: Plot No P/66,
Behind Kumara Hotel,
MIDC, Lane No 3,
Phone: + (91 ) 9822024485

Ambulances in Malegaon

Medical services are very easily available in Malegaon and the reason behind this is the quick services provided by the ambulances in this city. The city of Malegaon excels in the provision of ambulance facilities to its citizens and people can also take the services of air ambulance. This life saving option is highly welcomed by both locals and tourists. Though, it is important to mention that all ambulance services are availed through Nashik, which lies very close to Malegaon. Ambulance services are well developed in the city of Malegaon and the best ambulance service provider has been detailed below.

Sahara Hospital
Address: 2nd Floor Samiti Complex,
Opposite Mahalaxmi Talkies Krushi Utpanna Theater,
Dindori Naka,
Phone: + (91) -9890388902

Chemists in Malegaon

Chemists are widely found in all the cities and towns of India, but the chemists who provide twenty-four by seven services are not easily available in all such cities and towns. Malegaon is one city in the Nashik district that can boast of possessing chemists that provide their services twenty-four hours to the people. Even the hospitals in Malegaon possess their own separate chemist shops that have the ability of meeting the emergency requirements of the people of Malegaon. One popular chemist shop located in Malegaon has been listed below:

Swaraj Medical
Address: Malegaon Road,
Malegaon HO,
Phone: (91) 8888952508

Disaster Management in Malegaon

The Government of Maharashtra has taken up some very effective measures in handling the disasters that take place in the city of Malegaon. Disaster management strategies have been employed by the Government so that it can successfully meet up with the disasters that take place in the city of Malegaon. There are several branches that have also been set up by the Government to look into the emergency requirements of the people of Malegaon.

Animal Care in Malegaon

There are various organizations in Malegaon that carry out the task of taking care of stray animals and the animals that do not possess anybody who can care for them. Animal care is a big issue in Malegaon and this is the reason why a number of animal care organizations have come up in the city and one among them has been detailed below:

Neocare Hospital
Address: West End Complex,
Ground Floor,

Landmark: Near Bank of Rajasthan
Phone: (02554) 253870
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