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Major Industries in Malegaon

Malegaon is the only city in India which has a majority of its natives as industrialists and most of the common people are skilled laborers and it is only because of this reason that the city is fast progressing in the form of an industrial hub in the country.

History of Industries in Malegaon

Malegaon is a very good market for agricultural products at present but in the past it was a known for its handloom industry. The city has industrialized rapidly and remarkable growth has also been marked in the city since 1940s. The cotton and silk goods that are manufactured in Malegaon are exported in bulk to cities like Pune, Satara and Mumbai.

The city of Malegaon has been known to people since the Revolt of 1857 and since then the city has witnessed a lot of ups and downs but has always made a major contribution towards the economy of Maharashtra and India. Malegaon is very popular for the textile products that it deals in and also a host of various small scale industries that includes the Plastic Industry of Malegaon for which the city is very famous. The progress that has been found in the industries of Malegaon at present is completely because of the local population of the city and their will power to keep pace with other developing towns and cities of India.

Overview of Industries in Malegaon

Textile Industry

There are a total of 1, 25,000 plain power looms that are installed in 6000 units of Textile manufacture in Malegaon. Most of the units are situated in residential areas that it has become very difficult to differentiate between the residential areas and the industrial areas in Malegaon. The textile industry of Malegaon produces thirty to thirty-five percent cotton grey fabrics like Cambric and Poplin that is used for industrial purposes and also for clothing.

Textile industry in Malegaon

The industry also produces sixty percent man-made fiber grey fabrics that are guaranteed and cheap in the city. Rest five percent of the production of textile industry in Malegaon is of yarn dyed fabrics that are used for the purpose of direct clothing such as sarees, lungi etc. The daily textile production of the city on an average is 1 crore meters. The raw materials required for the production process are received from the yarn mills located all over India by the help of the intermediaries.

The grey fabrics that are manufactured in the textile industry of Malegaon are basically semi-finished and they need further processing. This is the reason why the produce is sold to different processing units located in Jodhpur, Pali, Balotra, Barmer, Kolkata, Mathura, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Surat.

Plastic Industry

There are a total of 180 reprocessed plastic pipe industries in Malegaon. Apart from this, there are 300 plastic segregation godowns and 300 gitti machines in the city and they have rendered Malegaon a remarkable position in Asia. The plastic industry of Malegaon offers great employment opportunities to more than 1,20,000 people of Malegaon directly and indirectly. The plastic industry of Malegaon also has an important role to play in the economy of India. The plastic industry of Malegaon deals in the manufacture of reprocessed plastic pipes available at 50% subsidized rates that are considered to be healthier and more eco-friendly that the PVC pipes.

The technology used for the manufacture of reprocessed plastic pipes in Malegaon is very simple. Like the weavers in the power loom industry, the people of Malegaon also designed their own equipments and machinery for the production of quality based plastic products by the consumption of plastic wastes from the metropolitan cities of India. A total of 1 lakh meters of plastic pipes are produced on a daily basis in Malegaon. At present, the plastic industry of Malegaon has the potential of converting 250 MT of plastic scraps into usable plastic. It has also been suggested that if the plastic industry of Malegaon is properly supported with great infrastructure it also has the potential of competing on the global front.

Food, Automobile and Oil Industries in Malegaon

Apart from the textile and the plastic industries that are very dominant in Malegaon, the city also possesses one oil refinery and 40 units of oil mills. Most of the oil mill units located in Malegaon operate on the use of cotton seeds that are available very easily. The city also possesses a sugar candy industry and there is another factory that deals in the manufacture of jam jelly and fruit juice.

Major industries in Malegaon

The MIDC or Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation has declared the city of Malegaon to be an industrial area falling under the MIDC+ Zone. The industrial area of Malegaon is being developed by MIDC and it is being estimated that this would provide great employment opportunities to the people of Malegaon. MDC or Malegaon Development Conference which is an Umbrella Organization of some of the most popular industrialist and NGOs in Malegaon has also coordinated with the officials of the Government for the overall and especially the industrial development of the city of Malegaon.

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